Blues season comes to an end

The Blues season came to an end in Glanbrook with the Rangers beating out the Blues in the series 4 games to 2.
It was a great year for this young team. They represented Dundas proudly. The Blues had the youngest team in all of the PJHL.  They were led by the Coaching Staff of the Year voted on by all the teams in the division, head coach Dane O’Neill and his assistant coaches Steven Santos and Marco Mattina. With no doubt the Blues had the best trainer in the league Dave Lemos.
The fans were fantastic, the biggest crowds we’ve had in years came out to support this young team.
We’d also like to thank our sponsors for their support. We hope to see you all back next season.
I’ve had the privilege of being the GM for the Blues for many years and I’m happy to say this has been the most enjoyable year yet. That says a lot considering it was another year of COVID and more then enough injuries.
I wasn’t ready for the season to come to an end. We are already looking forward to next season.