Playoffs: Blues vs Glanbrook Rangers in semifinals starting Thursday

After having the bye in the first round of the playoffs the Blues are anxious to get the semifinals going this Thursday against the Glanbrook Rangers.  The Blues will have sat waiting to play for exactly 3 weeks when they hit the ice at 8pm for the first game of the series in the best of 7.

Glanbrook knocked off Hagersville in the first round winning that series 4 games 2  in the best of 7.

Dundas Blues vs Glanbrook Rangers Schedule

Game 1: Dundas 4 Glanbrook 1

Game 2: Glanbrook 4 Dundas 0

Game 3: Dundas 2 Glanbrook 4

Game 4: Glanbrook 1 Dundas 3

if neccessary

Game 5: Thursday March 31st in Dundas 7:30pm

Game 6: Saturday April 2nd in Glanbrook 6:30pm

Game 7: Sunday April 3rd in Dundas 7:30pm